How to Choose the Perfect Guinea Pig Pet


In the event that you will purchase a guinea pig, observe the accompanying contemplations while you are taking a gander at potential guinea pig pets in their guinea pig run at the store. This will guarantee that you purchase a cheerful sound pet that will keep going for quite a long time to come.


It is critical to consider the guinea pig’s appearance. It ought not have protuberances on its body or other skin afflictions. The guinea pig ought not be excessively fat or excessively dainty.

Eyes, ears and nose

When taking a gander at the eyes, nose, and ears, be careful that they don’t have any release. The hide close to the eyes and nose ought not contain wetness, coverings, and staining.


With respect to the coat, ensure that it is smooth, full, and cushy. It should not have uncovered patches. Try not to consider purchasing a piglet in the event that it has red or uncovered patches. Additionally, those with ruining in the backside are presumably experiencing loose bowels.


Concerning the guinea pigs development, ensure you pick those pets that are interested and dynamic. Try not to choose those that are lazy. The guinea pigs should be moving near, not being reluctant to wander their confine, They should likewise not look faltering or firm.


With regards to the teeth, look carefully concerning whether the teeth are all around adjusted and they ought not be excessively enormous. Verify whether the guinea pig has wet hide around the jawline zone.


Presently, concerning the guinea pig’s breath, be attentive with how it relaxes. Guinea pigs that inhale with work, have murmurs and other uncommon breathing examples are debilitated. You ought not accepting a guinea pig with such side effects.


Something else to observe is the guinea pig’s current circumstance. See that the store has furnished the guinea pigs with adequate food, water, and space. The creatures environmental factors ought to be perfect, as a filthy enclosure can make the cavies pushed or sick.

Taking care of

As you are purchasing your guinea pig, observe how the cavy(another name for guinea pigs) responds to individuals. Is it happy with being taken care of after some time? Or on the other hand is it still standoffish even subsequent to being taken care of multiple times? Keep in mind, guinea pigs are typically dynamic.


While thinking about the age of a possible pet, it is prudent that you get a cavy that is as yet youthful. A six-week old guinea pig should work out positively. On the off chance that you are purchasing youthful piglets that are of other genders, ease off. Consolidating guys and females at exceptionally youthful ages can be agonizing for the youthful female. At only a month old,it can become pregnant.This can be both unsafe to the youthful female and to the new piglet. Along these lines, when a vender isn’t certain about the sexual orientations of the guinea pigs, don’t buy them. It is smarter to be certain first than be sorry later.

Debilitated Cage

On the off chance that you discover that one of the guinea pigs from a specific enclosure that you are enticed to purchase from is debilitated, don’t accepting from that point. Gaining a pet from such a pen will just give you a potential wiped out pet as well. This is on the grounds that there is an opportunities for spreading the infection from the evil to the non-sick guinea pig as they are from a similar confine. You must be truly cautious with this. Should be wary than have a debilitated pet on your hands later. As should be obvious, purchasing a guinea pigs needs some cautious thought. Be aware of the variables we have referenced above and you are looking awe inspiring so far.

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